Highland Park-Highwood

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LWVHP-HWD 95th Luncheon

Annual Luncheon 2023

Annual Luncheon June 2023

Nora Licata Award to Judy Miller

Nora Licata Award to Judy Miller

Presenting LWV HP-HWD's Nora Licata Award to Judy Miller on December 15, 2022

MLK Day of Service 2023

MLK Day of Service 2023

MLK Day of Service January 16, 2023

Voter Registration HPHS Sept22-2022

HPHS Registration Drive

Ready for Highland Park High School Registration Drive Sept 2022

Stupey Cabin Habitat May 1, 2022

Stupey Cabin Habitat Demonstration Gardens Start

Candice Dalrymple (Steering Committee Chair of Habitat HP), Rob Rotering (President of HP Historical Society) and Jeff Stern (Board member HP Historical Society) at start of Stupey Cabin demo garden installation on May 1, 2022

Stroll to the Polls with HPHS - Intro

Stroll to the Polls.

Stroll Team + Mayor Pecaro of Highwood and Councilman Blumberg of Highland Park

Cross-League Forum 2018

Sponsoring Candidate Debates with our Neighboring Leagues

LWVs of  Highland Park-Highwood, Deerfield-Banockburn and Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Area co-sponsoring Candidates Forum

LWVIL 59th Biennium Delegation

LWV IL in person convention 2019

Delegates to the 2019 LWVIL Convention in Champaign.

Proud to be part of Highland Park's 150 Year Sesquicentennial Parade!

Parade Time July 4th, 2019

Celebrating Highland Park's Sesquicentennial Anniversary on July 4th!

Highland Park-Highwood

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government. League influences public policy through education and advocacy.  The Highland Park League was founded in 1928.  The league was expanded to include Highwood in 2011.

95 years of Making Democracy Work!



Our League's Holiday Party has been Postponed. 

Reschuled until January 11th. 


RSVP for a Fun Fiesta of a Party HERE


Postponed 2023 Holiday Party



The Film Screening: No Time To Fail, was a big success!

We had an excellent Q/A session after the film with:

Lake County Clerk, Anthony Vega


Lake County Clerk Director, Voter Registration Services, Dan Thelen

notimetofail, screening, electionworkforceThe film is how airing on PBS or you can view 


Watch for information about election participation for the 2024 elections.




The Habitat HP Sustainable Garden Tour

On August 27th was greeted by many pollinator enthusiasts.

 LWV with GoGreen Habitat HP Mini Garden Tour

If you missed the tour, find a virtual tour on the Habitat HP page. 




LWV HP-HWD Newsletter graphic


Check out our latest NEWSLETTER Summer 2023 here.

Lots of current and exciting news is included!



July 4, 2023 ... a year later 

our community gathered to

remember, honor and heal ...

 HP July 4 2023

Along with LWV US and LWV IL, our League advocates restricting access to automatic and semi-automatic assault type weapons by private individuals. These weapons present a clear and unequivocal danger to public safety. Therefore, the League believes that it is essential to restrict or prohibit the possession and sale, manufacture, importation and transportation of semi-automatic assault type weapons for private ownership. Additionally, the sale of ammunition for these weapons should be restricted or prohibited. The League favors restrictive legislation at both the state and federal levels. 
(League of Women Voters of Illinois, "Where We Stand").


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This story was originally published in Votebeat.

Kansas, Missouri, Florida among states with laws that voter registration groups say put volunteers at risk